Geniusweb was founded in 1996 by Matthew Steven in Aberdeen, South Dakota. After putting a good many Aberdeen businesses on the web in the 90's, and growing far beyond the borders of the midwestern state, Geniusweb cut way back in the early 00's, becoming a botique programming and web development shop.

Geniusweb invented the earliest Javascript one-click shopping cart, called GeniusCart. Geniusweb also had a very popular search engine submission service called DeepSubmit, which became largely obsolete when Google took over the search business. Geniusweb had a popular guestbook service, called gBook for many years and countless other services.

Geniusweb also produced a lot of web sites. There were a few big corporate names involved in the heyday. But the business always kept a small town feel with very personal service and a dedication to doing great work every time.

Geniusweb still hosts quite a few web sites and maintains several servers. We can probably find room for you if you need a spot.

But back to the history. Eventually, Matthew decided to earn a few degrees and eventually become a lawyer in Portland, Oregon.