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Government Shut Down Could Not Take Down Genuisweb Servers

(A comedic promotion by Pam Love, Freelance Humor Writer and enthusiastic GeniusWeb customer.

Government Shut Down Could Not Take Down Genuisweb Servers

Portland, OR – October 3, 2013 – Since the U.S. government shut down, the servers at the webhosting company GeniusWeb are still going strong. Numerous small businesses count on GenuisWeb’s server reliability. The company proves once again, even when the government cannot stay up and running, their client’s websites will. GenuisWeb boasts a 100% uptime during the U.S. Government shut down which began on October 1st, 2013.

New Budget Web Hosting Plan $4/mo


Portland, OR - Sep 24, 2013. GeniusWeb.com, a small web hosting company based in Portland Oregon is offering a new budget web hosting service that costs approximately $4 a month, billed at $49/year.

This plan is available immediately, and is seen as a good value for customers not wanting to pay a great deal for web hosting but also wanting to avoid the cut-rate equipment and unsatisfying service of a budget hosting provider.

Disk space and bandwidth are somewhat limited compared with mainstream budget hosts because of the need to pay for quality hosting servers which feature solid state drives (and/or WD Velociraptor drives in RAID configurations), regular backups and for all customers (including budget) full access to tier one level support.

Geniusweb customers never have to face down hordes of incompetent low-tier support drones before getting answers, instead they talk to the people who build and manage the servers, who can talk at their level and fix problems now.

The company hopes to fill more capacity in their new data center presence in Portland, Oregon with the new budget plan.

Aragorn Server Upgraded

A full routine operating system upgrade has been completed on aragorn.geniusweb.com. Please report any anomalies to support via your usual channel.

All Around Town Outdoor Services Web Site Launch


Outdoor Services in Davenport and the Quad Cities
Ames, IA - September 16th, 2010 - All Around Town Outdoor Services in Davenport, Iowa commissioned GeniusWeb.com to complete a full reconstruction of their web site.

All Around Town is a seasonal business that stays busy all year by offering lawn mowing, landscaping, and in the winter, snow removal for the entire Quad Cities (Bettendorf IA, Davenport IA, Moline IL, and Rock Island IL) area.

GeniusWeb Boosts SoapCrafters.com Web Usability And Stickiness


SoapCrafters Soap Making Supplies
Ames, IA - July 8th, 2010 - SoapCrafters, Inc, a soap making supply company based in Las Vegas, NV, commissioned GeniusWeb.com to consult on their web site in April 2010.

Pam Love of SoapCrafters commented, "I'm enjoying higher conversion to sale rates, larger orders and happier customers."

GeniusWeb Helps GoTags LLC Boost Q1 Sales By Over 30%


GoTags Custom Pet Tags
Ames, IA, USA - April 26, 2010 - GoTags LLC, a Custom Pet Tag manufacturer based in Ephrata, WA commissioned GeniusWeb to renovate the Gotags.com and Goscribe.com websites in late 2009.